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We know safety is important to our guests. It’s important to us too.
Here is what we're doing:
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Cleaning & Sanitizing

  1. Ongoing use of disinfectants on all high-touch surfaces, chairs, tables, and railings

  2. Temporary closure of bathrooms throughout the day for deep cleaning

  3. Multiple hand sanitizer locations provided for guests & employees

  4. All arcade games and kiosks will be thoroughly cleaned, paying special attention to joysticks, buttons, prize slots, and card readers.

  5. Guests will be required to sanitize their hands prior to entering attractions.

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Physical Distancing

  1. Seating will be adjusted to reduce capacity and provide for physical distancing.

  2. Queuing patterns will be set at 6 feet intervals .



Facility capacity limited to 25%

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Health Screening

  1. Health and temperature screening for employees.

  2. Guests are asked to visit only if they are healthy.

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Personal Protective Gear

  1. All team members will be wearing face coverings and using hand sanitizer.

  2. ALL team members and guests are required to wear face coverings while visiting our center.

  3. Hand sanitizer and hand washing areas are available.

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Signs and Communication

  1. Signage directing guests & team members to maintain physical distancing.

  2. Signage to encourage proper hand washing.

  3. COVID-19 warning poster visible at front door. 

  4. Updates via website.

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