$12.00 All Day Pass

(Prices drop when you buy attraction packages)

Ballocity is a huge, multi-level play structure combining 16 full-motion ball blasters, an explosive turret adjustable ball cannon, 9 ball vacuums, our erupting ball volcano, and let’s not forget our ball dumping tip bucket, all fed by our hyper blower, that showers foam balls onto crowds below.


Paid admittance into Ballocity is good all day! That lets you come and go from our Ballocity as you please.

Area 51 Laser Tag

$9 Per Participant

(Prices drop when you buy attraction packages)

An epic battle is raging throughout the galaxy. Your skills will determine the fate of mankind in our mind bending Area 51 Laser Tag Arena. To make sure you’re prepared for your clash between futuristic worlds, we’ll equip you with the most advanced laser tag equipment on the market and send you off to do battle, and rack up points. Area 51 features a multi-level arena with ample hiding places and sniper positions to be discovered.

High Ropes Challenge

$9 Per Participant

(Prices drop when you buy attraction packages)

Navigate through spanning “elements” of varying degrees of difficulty, with the security and safety of a unique harness/track system keeping you on our course.  High Ropes Challenge is an exceptional way for people to build trust, confidence, overcome challenges and fears, strengthen bonds, and have fun. High Ropes Challenge is one of those attractions you’ll want to do time and time again.

Camo's Revenge Mechanical Bull

$7 Per Participant

(Prices drop when you buy attraction packages)

In the world of bull riding, Camo made a name for himself that will live in infamy. By 2008, Camo dawned the reputation as one of the most famous, fiercest bulls in the history of professional bull riding. Well, Camo has since retired but his doppelganger has not, and is alive and bucking at Thrill It Fun Center.

Rock Climbing

$7 Per Climber

(Prices drop when you buy attraction packages)

Our 21-foot Rock Climbing Wall features 3 levels of difficulty: “beginner,” “advanced,” and “How do I do this?” We utilize the industry’s best safety harnesses that are NOT quick disconnect and CANNOT be removed while climbing. We have also integrated state-of-the-art auto belays that are unobtrusive and give you the best “free” climb experience you will ever have.

Arcade Games and Cranes

1 Arcade Buck Per Game ($1)

(Prices drop when you buy attraction packages)

Our arcade and crane games are sure to bring smiles.  We offer a fun mix of the newest and best arcade gaming and crane games filled with cool prizes.

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